Blanck Mass

Oslo Night Party

At the Oslo Night, we continue our current concert series Noise Gate and present international live acts and Djs.


23.09.2017, 22:00-04:00

Admission: free


The Oslo Night Party extend HeK’s research into contemporary electronic music, recently developed with its Noise Gate series, by featuring an emerging electronic Berlin-based duo and two main acts from England who are currently redefining the genre and a DJ from Basel. Echoing the performances and installations by Cod.Act and Esther Hunziker on the ground floor, the live concerts taking place in the underground are equally infused by darker, surreal and yet energetic atmospheres, flirting with elements of psychedelia, noise and drone. 

The concerts are opened by Spettra (CH/DE), a collaborative effort between Lisa Lurati and Björn Magnusson in which they use various synthesizers, drum machines, effect pedals and reel to reel tape machines to generate live improvisations distinguished by layers of sounds that are stretched into long psychedelic tracks. The concert is accompanied by projections of slow moving, almost photographic videos by Gilbert Sinnot. 

The first main act is performed by the experimental electronic duo Demdike Stare (UK), formed by Sean Canty and Miles Whittake. Their haunting soundtracks range between techno minimalism and dark ambient, while incorporating elements of dub and breakbeat. Their latest album, “Wonderland” delve into more accessible compositions and rhythms without losing the duo’s peculiar, uncanny and dusky sound.

The second main act brings onstage Blanck Mass (UK), the solo project of Benjamin John Power, founding member of the renown electronic band Fuck Buttons. Dark noises coupled with distorted vocals, hammering rhythms and arras of synth lines define his arrangements, while building on drone and post-rock components. His latest release, “World Eater” dig into feverish noise, insistent rhythms and obsessive melodies mixed into danceable tracks that at times display more delicate airs. The album pits together disparate musical elements while functioning as a gritty comment to the present-day political and ecological unease.

After the live acts Bonnie takes over the decks. After her first public gig in 2015 she quickly started to hit the clubs of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Zurich and Berlin. The most suitable description for her style was recently dropped by LA-based The Brvtalist, who characterized her style as a "a punishing mixture of techno, industrial and mutated electronic rhythms". - Bonnie recently became a member of the Orden Agency and is ready for new adventures to come, like headlining in Los Angeles later this year.

Spettra - Rehearsal Rec 2

Demdike Stare - Sourcer

Blanck Mass - Please

Oslo Night Party



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