Esther Hunziker, Vogue, 2014/2017, still

Oslo Night: Esther Hunziker - Vogue

During this year's Oslo Night we present the installation "Vogue" by Swiss artist Esther Hunziker.


23.09.2017, 16:00-04:00

"Vogue" is a series of animated gifs created by Swiss artist Esther Hunziker, who combines images from fashion magazine covers with short sequences depicting monsters in horror or science fiction movies. The animations surprise because of their peculiar aesthetics that combines images usually associated with beauty, sensuality and elegance with video sequences. These are supposed to be frightening and unsettling but are nonetheless the products of a large entertainment industry. The resulting moving collages, projected on the wall outside of HeK's main entrance during the Oslo Night, are witty and cleverly done. In a humorous manner, they question and subvert the mechanics of seduction of the fashion and of the entertainment industry. An E-Book edition of the work will be released and made available for the public during the evening.

Oslo Night: Esther Hunziker - Vogue



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