CodAct - ?Ton

Oslo Night: Cod.Act

The Swiss artist duo Cod.Act will premiere their new interactive installation at Oslo Night.

event/Installation, performance

23.09.2017, 17:00-22:00

Under the name Cod.Act, Swiss artists André and Michel Décosterd develop performances and interactive installations that reflect on sound and movement and their possible interaction. During the Oslo Night, they present “πTon”, a performance centred around their homonymous sound installation. Composed with air chambers from truck’s tires and bearing the appearances of a gigantic and monstrous snake, the installation is moved by several mechanized motors hidden in its entrails. While twisting and sliding against the floor, the organic-like form generates sounds and noises that are amplified in real-time and retransmitted through the masks worn by mysterious figures encircling it. Acting as guardians and priests engaged in a liturgy for the technological era, the performers seem to permeate the mechanical snake with a mythological value.

The performance takes place at 5 pm / 7 pm / 9 pm and lasts 30-40 minutes.

Oslo Night: Cod.Act



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