Lunch Beat

Lunch Beat

Lunch Beat comes to Basel. Dancing at lunchtime - Your most important business lunch.


28.09.2017, 12:00-13:00

Age: From age 18

Admission: free

Arnold Kleine is responsible for heating up the autumn lunch break. The 26-year-old musician from Basel has been producing music for over 10 years without getting involved in any genre. Both House, Downbeat and Hiphop form the core of his music, whereby for the Lunchbeat in the HeK with his Korgs ESX and ES he focuses on the area of TechHouse and challenges to dance.

What began in Stockholm in 2010, has spread all over the world - dancing in the lunch break. It's about exuberance, fun and communication in a different way than at the lunch table. An hour a day to devote to dancing, the movement and the music brings soul and spirit in vibration.

Lunch Beat



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