Lunch Beat

Lunch Beat

Lunch Beat comes to Basel. Dancing at lunchtime - Your most important business lunch.


19.10.2017, 12:00-13:00

Age: From age 18

Admission: free



Ever since the Lithuanian-born Basle-based ieva first came into contact with the art of dubbing in 2014, her fascination with electronic music has grown steadily. With the musical foundation she acquired with various instruments since her childhood, she was able to enter the world of music more easily. From the very beginning, it was important for the artist to give her sets a central theme and to put together a good mix of her collection of partly groovy and driving tracks. However, she doesn't get lost in hectic melodies, but concentrates on minimalist beats, where she feels comfortable in the most different musical styles. With this penchant for diversity, she has been able to play at various clubs and bars in Basel over the past few years, organising her own parties. The joy of playing fills the room with good vibes at every performance!

What began in Stockholm in 2010, has spread all over the world - dancing in the lunch break. It's about exuberance, fun and communication in a different way than at the lunch table. An hour a day to devote to dancing, the movement and the music brings soul and spirit in vibration.

Lunch Beat



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