Lumisokea (DE), Shawn O'Sullivan (US), N1L (LVA) Andrew Tuttle (AUS)

Concert evening with the local Berlin duo Lumisokea, techno producer Shawn O'Sullivan, sound artist N1L and the Australian musician Andrew Tuttle.


Fri, 29.04.2016, 20:30

The Belgian-Italian duo Lumisokea, now based in Berlin, works intensely on producing a high-grade tactile, polyrhythmic sound, influenced by Dub, Musique Concrète and other musical traditions. In January 2016 they released their album Transmissions from Revarsavr, designed as a tribute to the pioneering achievements of visionary philosophers and composers of the early Soviet Union. The recordings, using contemporary instruments and technology, link historical sounds - suppressed under totalitarianism - with current musical practice, often yielding impressive results. 

Shawn O'Sullivan is one of New York’s most exciting techno producers: He has released recordings under the pseudonyms Vapauteen or 400ppm, and has recorded for such labels as L.I.E.S., CR records and Avian together with the groups Further Reductions and Led Er Est. 

Martins Rokis, a.k.a. N1L, works with sound and image in different contexts and shapes. He explores multimodal connections of perception - in installations, performances and multi-channel work. Under the pseudonym N1L, he has been focusing on experimental club music; he recently published his first EP on Lee Gamble's label, UIQ.

Andrew Tuttle explores acoustic and electronic tone qualities. He recently released his album Fantasy League through Australian Label Room 40; he now seeks to construct a fragile Utopia based on his own mix of acoustic and electronic sounds. 

An evening concert in co-operation with the Klappfon new music series. 

Lumisokea - Abri (Alter, 2015)

Shawn O'Sullivan live at Boiler Room NY

N1L - Stuck in a Cube (UIQ, 2015)

Lumisokea (DE), Shawn O'Sullivan (US), N1L (LVA) Andrew Tuttle (AUS)


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