Andreas Rigling, dying scots pines near Visp, 2017

Forest Talks

What does the forest want to tell us? The philosopher Emanuele Coccia and the natural scientist Andreas Rigling try to answer this question on the occasion of the exhibition Eco-Visionaries.


06.10.2018, 19:00-20:30

Admission: free

Andreas Rigling, research platform Pfynwald, 2017

Plants are the secret creators on earth: where they don’t grow, there is no organic life possible. Nevertheless, much knowledge about plants and their relation to other microorganisms has only been gained in recent years through technically supported experiments and observations. What can be drawn from these data? What does a tree – or an entire forest – tell us when we listen?

In two short presentations, Emanuele Coccia and Andreas Rigling present their approaches to these questions and their extraordinary knowledge of trees and plants. Afterwards, they discuss with co-curator Yvonne Volkart and the audience how their approaches meet and differ.

Forest Talks is a scientific collaboration of HeK with the SNSF research project Ökodaten – Ökomedien – Ökoästhetik of the IAep institute which is part of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzeland FHNW, and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL.

The talk is held in german.

Forest Talks



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