Artist Nicole Stenger with VR equipment. Source: Wikimedia

Bits and Bites: how does virtual reality relate to our bodies?

Exhibition conversation with Daniel Perez-Marcos, senior scientist at MindMaze, developing VR applications for medical rehabilitation purposes.

education/bits and bites, guided tour, talk

26.01.2017, 18:30-21:00

Admission: 25 CHF / 20 CHF (red.) entry and snack included



Popular technologies like Virtual Reality can transport us into another world mostly by engaging with visual perception. But, what about the rest of the body?

Daniel Perez-Marcos is working as senior scientist at MindMaze, the Swiss neurotechnology company known for developing Virtual Reality platforms for neurorehabilitation after stroke and other neurological disorders. 

We will explore the exhibition „The Unframed World“ together with Daniel while having a conversation. Starting with selected artworks we will delve into questions of how abstraction and virtual simulations relate to bodies and how they define each other.

After the conversation we invite all participants to a small lunch and to extend the conversation in a personal setting.

Event in English language.

Bits and Bites: how does virtual reality relate to our bodies?



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