AMT – Archaeologies of Media and Technology

AMT Salon

Presentation and discussion of the Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research group from the Winchester School of Art with Jussi Parikka and Ryan Bishop.

event/performance, talk

Tue, 21.11.2017, 17:00

Admission: Free


AMT Salon will discuss the question of media archaeology in an art and design school, elaborating on some of the work of the Archaeologies of Media and Technology-research group at the University of Southampton (Winchester School of Art). Professors Ryan Bishop and Jussi Parikka will lead the discussion, and Stephen Cornford’s audiovisual performance "Destruction of an Image Sensor" showcases one example of the practice-led activities at AMT.
The performance is inspired by the innumerable youtube videos in which devices are deconstructed, so-called "teardowns"videos. The live deconstruction of the image sensor of a 6 megapixel compact camera reveals the chromatic and Cartesian architecture of the digital image. The display will disappear in magenta and green fog while the camera switches between shooting modes to normalize output. The surface of the sensor is photographed with photograms, which underscores the physical nature of this omnipresent but inaccessible technical component.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Critical Media Lab, Basel.

AMT Salon



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