The education program at HeK


The education & outreach program at HeK promotes self-determined and independent participation in the arts, the media and media technologies. It draws on artistic and Pop-cultural practices that have grown out of the media arts scene—DIY (Do-It-Yourself), hacking, appropriation, sampling and customization (i.e. adaptation of a thing to one’s personal needs and ideas).

The program is designed for children, adolescents and adults, for individuals and groups, for amateurs and professionals. It fosters critical media practice as well as an experimental and practical understanding of media art. HeK facilitates encounters with media art as well as hands-on experience of media technologies and networks. It therefore sees itself as a lively location for life-long learning, where people can gain knowledge and skills in the digital field.

The Engagement Migros development fund generously supports the further development of HeK’s education & outreach program.