Aline Zeltner, Lideslied, 2011, still

Aline Zeltner, Lideslied

Year: 2011
Type: Digital Video
Media Format: Blu-ray disc, color video, 16: 9 format, stereo, 720 x 576 px; PAL or HD format, 1280 x 720 px. DVD player, high-quality loudspeakers with amplifiers, possibly equalizer, cable or projector (HD), media player
Dimension: Variable (ideally: projection screen 8 m wide and 4.5 m high; room ca. 10 m long x 10 m wide x 5 m high).
Duration: 4'30''
Edition: 1/10 + 1 AP
Acquisition: Acquired with BAK (Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern) funds as part of the research project Digitale Medienkunst am Oberrhein, 2012. On permanent loan from the Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt. Inv. No. S0007.
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Aline Zeltner, Lideslied, 2011, still
Aline Zeltner, Lideslied, 2011, still
Aline Zeltner, Lideslied, 2011, still
Aline Zeltner, Lideslied, 2011, still
Aline Zeltner, Lideslied, 2011, still
Lideslied is the first video work by the Swiss artist Aline Zeltner, who initially worked mainly with objects, installations and performances. In a larger-than-life projection, shown in slow motion against the backdrop of rhythmic string sounds, a woman rides on a gleaming brown horse from the depths of a summer-green meadow towards the viewer. The contents – a young and beautiful woman rider – and the form – slow motion – meet the classic criteria for a romantic narrative. This idea is supported by the deliberate similarity of the title Lideslied (eyelid song) to "Liebeslied" (love song). As the title also indicates, however, the contents break away from the familiar genre: Zeltner adds a pair of oversized wooden glasses before the rider’s eyes, whose rims protrude, caricature-like, far beyond them and seem to explicitly emphasize their gaze. The glasses are an already-existing work of the artist’s. In the place of lenses, a string is stretched over the eyes, which brushes the eyelashes when the eyes open and close. The accentuated process of gazing thus composes the literally meant, self-reflexive Lideslied.
(Text: Bettina Back)

Artist Bio

Aline Zeltner (*1980), Biel, Switzerland, lives and works in Basel.

Aline Zeltner addresses everyday issues by playfully changing and transforming the functions of objects. Her creations lend her unusual, sometimes absurd thoughts a material existence or convert them into a personal visual language. Often her direct environment becomes a game, in which she herself enjoys the role of central protagonist. Whether they involve video, object, installation or photography, her works all include as an integral part a certain form of performance. Nevertheless, mixed in with this cheerful, colorful visual language is a questioning and critical eye.